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We take Churros to another level!
As well as our traditional "Churros con chocolate," we offer fantastic churros Treats, Sharing  Platters and Churros Bowls all designed to provide you with a sumptious combintation of churros, dips, ice cream and sauces. Take a look at our offering below.
Our churros are made in the traditional Spanish way with flour, water and salt. As such they are suitable for vegans. We also have alternative vegan dip.

Nice and Simple
3 Churros with chocolate £4.95
6 Churros with chocolate £6.95

The full selection
3 Churros £2.10
6 Churros £4.15
9 Churros £6.20
12 Churros £8.30
Chocolate 170ml Cup £2.95
Chocolate Grande 280ml Cup £4.00

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